- Female Boxer / Labrador - 9yr old & spayed 

From Time to time we get some dogs that, for one reason or another (mostly being unlucky !) are difficult to re-home or who always seem to be passed-over. We have such a one in our lovely female boxer/Lab X called Pepper. 

These are her thoughts after she'd had her photo-session:

"Hello, I'm PEPPER the pooch that nobody seems to want !   I just can't understand it really; I've been here in rescue for many long months and everyone passes me by !!  Could it be that I don't have pretty Poodle Curls ? or a coat that's the colour of sunshine ? I know you'd love me if you gave me that chance, because I can love you right back and be your forever grateful friend. I'm very good; I understand all sorts of commands and I just LOVE my walkies and being with people. PLEASE, give me a chance ..... the very kind Samaritan took these beautiful photos of me, so I could show you how  well behaved and lovely I really am. "

Come up to Nipstone Kennels and see her for yourself - she's more than ready to have that forever home - is yours that family ?