Dogs that Need Homes

This page lists the rescue dogs that are currently under our care - either in Nipstone Kennels in south Shropshire or in foster-homes around the area; some rescue dogs are unsuited to kennel life and it's best that they stay in loving foster homes throughout the border region and West Midlands. All dogs here have been rescued or recovered by Dog Samaritans - they all need loving homes.


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All of these dogs are looking for a loving home; some are in kennels and others in foster-care. The prospective keepers will be required to have a home-check visit and we ask for a minimum of £150 donation for each rescue dog; some pedigree dogs and puppies will require a higher donation and this is indicated in the listing.

We would love you to consider a rescue dog from us, so please browse our web site which is updated regularly, so all rescue dogs here are available. If you feel you can offer the perfect home to one of these wonderful rescue dogs then please call Carol on 01588 676106 - often the phone can be very busy so if you can, please email [email protected] and leave your name and phone number. If telephoning please ring after 9am and before 6pm.

Carol will help you find the ideal dog match for your circumstances.

If you are planning a holiday it is best to wait until you return before you choose a dog. If you wish to reserve a dog until after your holiday, we would ask you to pay the boarding fees until you collect the dog.

Many rescue dogs arrive with the history the previous owners have given us; sometimes this is not always accurate or complete. We do a lot of our own observations of the dogs to corroborate the information supplied and fill-in the all-too obvious gaps.

In a nutshell: If you think you can give any of these dogs a perfect home, please ring Carol on 01588 676106  or email [email protected] 

Sally: 10 yr old female Staffie

SALLY is lovely with people but she is rather poor around other animals.

She is well trained in general and is fine wearing a muzzle for when taking her for a walk.

She is micro-chipped and already spayed however she does need her injections boosted. It is suggested that Sally be the only dog and no cats. (Still in own home)

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

Pepper: 9 yr old female Boxer/Labrador

Pepper is a very handsome girl who ideally needs to be an only dog, she does not like cats very much but is a nice and easy, good-natured dog who loves her ball-games. She is strong on the lead and therefore would not suite an elderly person. She's at Nipstone Kennels near the Stiperstones in south Shropshire. 

Pepper has just been selected to have herself all pampered-up with top-notch photographs by a class photographer. Check out Pepper's photoset in the "Extra Specials" section

She's a lovely girl and deserves the best luck for that forever home.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Bracken: Male Back & White Collie-X 8 yr old (neutered)

Bracken: 8 year old black and white Collie x (newly-neutered)

Bracken has come into rescue due to domestic changes in the family home.  He can be a bit cautious around new people but we have had no problems with him so far and he has been fine while at the kennels. He likes being fussed at and is very affectionate. Apparently, he is OK with dogs but has not actually lived with another dog but he has lived with cats and he is fine travelling in the car. 

Bracken is going to need an active home, ideally as an only dog  - preferably in a country setting  with a mature family - as he tends to be exuberant around cars. We're just looking for the right forever home to place him - we're sure he'll be a great companion once he's settled in.

Currently at Nipstone kennels.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Luna: 8yr old  Husky / Malamute X (spayed)

Luna has already made a big impact with us - even though she's only been with us a short while. If you know the breed - then you'll know she's no small dog and her fur is as soft as down and you could easily lose yourself in there. She's got drop-dead gorgeous pale eyes, is very friendly and a total delight. She already been spayed, vacc'd and chipped - she's a beauty and no mistake.

Luna is still a puppy at heart - loving ball games, tummy tickling and hugs and licks. She great with other dogs (possibly OK with cats) loves travelling in the car and is house-trained ..... WHAT's NOT TO LIKE ??  - She is drop-dead GORGEOUS !!!!

Again she's a big dog - so she could easily be over boisterous - especially over food - but what dog isn't ? She's settled in quickly to our kennels as she's had occasion to board before.

She's currently at Nipstone kennels being looked after by those fabulous people there. 

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Star: Welsh border Collie 5 yr old (un-spayed)

Star is a 5 years old dog but beautifully coated Welsh Border Collie. She's been chipped but not yet spayed; her last season was mid September - so spaying could be comfortably performed mid December. Star has had her rear leg broken - but is long since recovered and in fine fettle.

Star has been with the same family since puppy-hood and they have sadly had to release her to our care for domestic changes. She's OK with other dogs - but is not fond of cats. She travels well in the car, is well house-trained and seems to behave herself when left alone.

She's very active and strong - so would be better suited to a mature family.

She's currently at Nipstone Kennels - being looked after by those brilliant staff there.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Ellie: Mature female Alsatian 12 yr old (spayed)

Ellie is a beautiful mature Alsatian - she's about 12 years old, spayed and is being re-homed due to domestic issues. Again we have little paperwork but will get her health history sorted before too long; if she has any ongoing health issues, Dog Samaritans will assist with the veterinary care.

Ellie has been in and out of kennels since the early part of the year, when her owner became too ill to look after her and has finally had to let her go to another forever home to see out her days. She's a lovely dog, still full of bounce and enjoys her exercise - but she's not too keen of other dogs - so she'd be best re-homed as a single pet. Ellie travels well and is fully house-trained.

She’s at Nipstone with those fine folk there and would also love to meet you.

When we get further information about Ellie we'll update the listing accordingly.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Olly: Mature male Staffordshire bull terrier 6 yr old (neutered)

Olly is a beautiful mature Staffie - he's 6 years old, neutered and is being re-homed due to domestic upheaval.

Olly is micro-chipped and vaccinated - loves travelling in a van and is very obedient. He's currently being fostered by a neighbour and we would love to find a home for him locally. We are in contact with the carer so can route enquiries diectly there.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Jack: Mature male West Highland Terrier 11 yr old (neutered)

Jack is a beautiful mature Westie  - he's 11 years old, neutered and is needing to be re-homed as his current owners both have medical issues - so they cannot look after him any more. They are doing this for Jack  as they want him to have another fabulous home to see his days out.

Jack is micro-chipped and vaccinated - no medical issues; if any develop during his next home, ASMT will help out for sure. 

He is a mature digger-dog, loves travelling in the car well trained and is just a plain and simple lovely dog that needs a new fabulous home. He'll grow into a loving family seemlessly and will give much faithful pleasure in his Autumn years.

Jack  is currently at Nipstone Kennels with those fine folk there.

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.

A rescue dog by Dog Samaritans

Bailey: Male Chihuahua apx 4 yr old (neutered)

Bailey is about 4 years old and now that he's in our care, he  has lust been neutered and has started his vaccination program. Whilst having his operation it was found that he has a slight heart murmur - he doesn't need medication for it now - but if it does develop further he may require some. ASMT can help with this if required. Otherwise, he's a fine condition long-haired blonde Chihuahua. He's more than ready to be looked after by a loving family who will treat him well.

Bailey is a confident little chap, great in the car and quietly accepts cuddles and grooming without any issues.

He is a handsome well-behaved digger - just the boy for a loving family home.

Bailey is currently at Nipstone Kennels. (Penthouse suite !)

A rescue dog at dogsamaritans, dog rescue, Shropshire.