Honey was brought into fostering by an elderly lady and her companion who, themselves, had rescued Honey from a rather sordid past. Honey is a lively and strong Staffie cross and they found her progressively difficult to manage as they deteriorated in health.

She had all too obviously been seriously abused in the original home; she had several scars, marking a very traumatic period from which she developed a serious aversion to men.

Honey was significantly reconditioned while in foster-care but she still has some way to go with her behaviour towards new men encounters.

Her new home in Herefordshire is with a fabulous family who love her to bits; she is getting well adjusted to the men there and has settled in to a comfortable routine with lots of love, attention and good food.

She's a great one for tummy tickling and is very affectionate. She has good lead behaviour and loves her long walks. Especially the relaxing bit !

..... and just recently:

Cordy is 3 today. She is a different girl again. Loads of confidence. Thank you so much for trusting me to love her x

A great success for a great dog - you don't get happier endings than that.


We came and collected Loui in October 2015. Ron had his previous dog Jasper (Rocky) from Carol at dog Samaritans years ago – so of course it was the right place to have another.

Loui is a loving and lovely gentle giant Alsatian x, very well behaved, has formed a strong and special bond with Ron and follows him everywhere. Ron has a large garden and spends his time there with Loui while pottering about. He’s about 10 years old now and enjoying his life with us; we know he originally came from Italy as we have his passport. We were told his owner bought him in to the kennels several times then had him back, which unsettled the dog making him very bewildered, he his such a lovely and good-natured dog, extremely well behaved and has settled into our home and will be here till the end of his days, just like old Rocky.


Daisy was brought to us in a very sorry state from a domestic environment that was dismal. She was constantly tied to a banister with little room for physical relief – resulting in her back-end being severely affected by ammonia burns, with dermatitis and fleas.

Needless to say, she was very sorry for herself and her immediate placement in a foster home resulted in a vet visit for treatment. Within a few days her skin started re-colouring and even hair started growing back. Shortly after that, her condition improved and was taken in by some fabulous people who saw her potential as a family dog. Daisy is a great success – a great dog and now in a great home with a great family. Taking full advantage of lots of room and a new best mate ! 

Another great success for a great dog.


Feral puppies, Todd and Ceri have been inseparable since they were recovered from Powys in the early part of 2017. The mother was shot when the pups were about 3-4 months old, so were fending for themselves in a wooded copse, before they were brought into fostering.

They were both about 4-5 months old when they were caught and the process of domestication started in the recovery home; this was actually initiated by the family dogs in the foster home. Both reluctantly took to the harness and collar, but were still understandably very timid and easily spooked. They both showed steady improvement and good progress with patient care in socializing with other dogs – it soon became apparent that they were destined to stay as a pair.

A delightful family from mid-Shropshire was the perfect match for Todd and Ceri; they have shown wonderful patience in continuing the domestication process with the love and attention only a dedicated family could provide.

They are beautiful dogs; playful, attentive and thoroughly family oriented dogs now – the family can be proud of their own achievements with them. It is difficult to believe that these are the same feral pups that were struggling for survival at the beginning of 2017.


A right pair of brotherly rascals who are inseperable and adorable and have found a perfect family home in north Shropshire.

They are two of a litter of three and the new family couldn’t decide between them – so they had two !! We’re getting regular updates and photos of their new life and it’s full of play and restful comfort. Lucky pooches !!!!


From the moment we saw his photo on the website we were smitten. He is a happy,playful, intelligent little pup who is loved by everyone who meets him. I am so looking forward to being able to take him out to explore the local park and common land.

Thank you to everyone at Dog Samaritans especially Dave and Mellie for allowing us to meet Dexter.

Karen & Colin

….. and just recently:

I thought you'd like to know that Dexter has taken over our affections and our home. He's made friends with family and friends and the neighbourhood dogs. He loves everyone and expects fuss from everyone we pass in the street. He's quick to learn but is cheeky and playful. A total joy to be around. Thank you to everyone at Dog Samaritans